Michael FergusonWelcome to Not a Wooden Spoon.

All our furniture is individually designed and handmade by London born designer-maker Michael Ferguson. Michael began recycling old pine floorboards into furniture 20 years ago in Australia. He eventually moved to Brighton, England and continued to transform discarded wooden boards into unique, one-off designs.

Now back on the English south coast after eight years in Berlin, his favourite material is the palimpsest patina rich, yet humble 100 year old Berlin floorboard. Predominantly from living spaces/apartments, each individual board is quietly evocative of the private and personal stories in Berlin’s dramatic political history.

All materials are second hand, reclaimed, pre-used, disused, neglected or discarded, and are sourced from the street and old buildings in and around Berlin/Brandenburg.

Michael has a BA (Hons) in Anthropology and has also worked as a guest Lecturer in 3D design at the University of the Creative Arts in London. As well as making furniture he continues to exhibit sculptural assemblage works.